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E-Vision security team will manage, build, and support your network video through assessment, design, and implementation. 

E-Vision Project Development Corporation is an independent project management firm that provides network security consulting, planning and infrastructure design services.

Understanding The Importance of Lighting as crime deterrent.

Lighting is the most efficient and cost effective security feature available to deter crime and reduce the fear of crime. Many inadequate security lawsuits involving parking lots cite insufficient lighting as a major factor.

If your facility was constructed more than ten years ago, chances are good that your outdoor security lighting is inadequate. For many years, lighting in parking lots and other outdoor areas was a low priority for lighting designers. In many cases, the purpose of outdoor lighting was to enhance the architectural appearance of the facility rather than to provide lighting for safety and security.


Basic Considerations

The design of lighting systems is a highly technical science that can take years of training to learn. While it is unlikely that most security managers will ever become lighting experts, there are a few fundamentals of lighting design that are important for every security manager to know. Knowing these fundamentals will allow the security manager to accurately assess the lighting system in use at his or her facility


There are five basic considerations when evaluating a lighting system:

Intensity of the lighting: how bright is the light?
Uniformity of lighting: how consistent is the light level from place to place throughout the lighted area?
Color of lighting: how accurately does the lighting render colors?
Efficiency of lighting: how much light per watt of electricity does the lighting system deliver?
Lamp life: How long do lamps last before they must be replaced?

E-Vision Project Development Corporation assist clients in identifying ROI (Return on Investment) for Information technology and its expenditures.

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Lighting Solutions reduce property incidents by 50%. 84 Park West Apartments, South Carolina 

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