smart multi-family communities

Smart Communities will reduce crime and make your property more valuable.

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Physical Security Assessments

Physical Security Assessments

Our AXIS Certified Professionals that  work with network video and networking system design and installation are at the highest level security specialist in the industry.

Understanding Your Needs

Vulnerability Assessments provided by E-Vision Project Development Corporation.

We provide detailed information and onsite training before and after your installation to assist you in developing the solution for your community. 

Scalable Solutions


Scalable surveillance today and multi-family intelligence in the future. We develop solutions that give you path to increasing the utilization of your system to improve your community property management.

professional total solution assessment

E-Vision Project Development Corporation is an independent project management firm that provides network security consulting, planning and infrastructure design services.

 E-Vision infrastructure team will manage, build, and support your IP video through assessment, design, and implementation.